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  • Jan 24, 2024

Niloufar Bayani

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Niloufar Bayani has dedicated her entire life and love to the environment. Since 2017, she has been detained alongside seven other colleagues from the "Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation", and is currently serving time in prison.

The stories of environmental activists who have become known as environmental prisoners are filled with pain and suffering, each narrative representing a dark page of human rights violations, harassment, torture, assault, threats, and even death.

However, Niloufar, due to her previous involvement in environmental programs with the United Nations and her work and studies in environmental fields in Europe and the United States, drew more attention from interrogators and intelligence agencies of the Islamic Republic. They subjected her to harassment and persecution, accusing her of espionage.

This environmental activist revealed unconventional interrogations outside of prison, in a private villa in Lavasan, Tehran. She disclosed incidents of assault, rape, torture, and threats of execution at various times by the security forces of the Islamic Republic, sparking waves of concern for her safety in Iran and globally.

International human rights organizations, including the United Nations and environmental bodies, over the past six years, have issued various statements demanding Niloufar Bayani's release and an end to her torture by the Islamic Republic.

As an environmental activist and educator, Niloufar holds extensive academic qualifications in the field. She graduated with a degree in Biology from McGill University in Canada and later obtained a Master's degree in Conservation Biology.

Niloufar also has a commendable record of laboratory work, teaching, and conducting a research project in Uganda and Tanzania during her tenure at this prestigious university.

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