is a non-partisan, fact-based advocacy network uniting the Iranian diaspora of diverse backgrounds, identities, beliefs, and experiences.

Our focus is to empower efforts in regard to the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement in Iran. We promote equality for marginalised groups, including womxn and ethnic, religious, and gender/sexual minorities in Iran.

We work as a diverse and inclusive ecosystem consisting of active organisations, groups, and individuals. We aid forming alliances to amplify the diverse demands of the Iranian community in the diaspora and facilitate connections to influential deciding authorities and policymakers.

Azadi Nework

achieves its goal through the following efforts:


access to accurate and current information on Iran via meetings, discussions, and communications.


and partnership with various organisations and groups and collating and clarifying the demands of the diverse Iranian society.

Core Platform

AZADI NETWORK’s core platform is which is a continuously updated database, providing an overview of information and events. This stream of data creates the basis for our COP* (common operational picture), presented in a timeline format.

Advisory board

AZADI NETWORK has an advisory board that brings representation, experience, and expertise in the communication shared and final products issued.

Active group

AZADI NETWORK has an active group of translators who will support policymakers with the creation of fact-based briefs.


AZADI NETWORK’s advocates will brief interested parties on the situation in Iran and communicate to them the policies and efforts that are in line with the Iranian diasporas’ demands.