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  • Jan 17, 2024

Zara (Zahra) Mohammadi

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Zara (Zahra) Mohammadi, 33 years old, is a civil activist and the head of the cultural-social association, "Nojin." For over 12 years, Zara had been voluntarily teaching the Kurdish language in Sanandaj and its surrounding villages. She also sought to raise awareness on how to protect the environment.

As a result of her teaching her mother tongue, Zara was imprisoned in 2019. In 2020, she was given a sentence of 10 years, for supposedly conspiring to form a group which would threaten national security. However, upon appeal, this sentence was reduced to 5 years.

Upon receiving her sentence, Zara walked to the prison building wearing traditional Kurdish clothing, and accompanied by her fellow, resilient natives. In front of the prison, she delivered a speech in Kurdish, saying, "Our mother tongue is one of our fundamental rights that we will not compromise on. Our association has taken the lead in obtaining this right, and I hope that our activities will overcome the opposition to these rights."

In 2020, Zara also made it to the BBC's list of "100 Women."

Finally, in February 2022, Zara, in a video in her native language, mentioned that she was forcibly expelled without requesting amnesty and without prior notice.

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