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  • Jan 24, 2024

Fariba Baloch

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We recognise Fariba Baloch for her colourful and beautifully embroidered Balochi dresses. We know her as someone who introduces herself on her Instagram profile with the phrase, "I fight for equality." She is an active civil rights advocate, focusing on the human rights and women's rights of the Baloch people.

Her voice has often trembled in discussions about the situation of the people in Zahedan and Sistan and Baluchestan. Tears have welled up in her eyes, emphasising her deep connection to her homeland. She explicitly informs us about the conditions and lives of the people in this part of Iranian soil.

Last year, following the governmental murder of "Mahsa (Jina) Amini," which led the people of Zahedan to persistently stand in opposition to the Islamic Republic, Fariba endeavoured to expose the hidden layers of suppression in this province.

For this reason, on June 17th of 2023, the Islamic Republic abducted her son and brother to dissuade her from continuing her activities and disseminating information.

Information on Zahedan's prisons; the systematic imposition of poverty on the people; lack of job opportunities; insufficient access to health, medical, and educational facilities; as well as the denial of identification cards to a significant portion of Baloch citizens - these are just some of the topics which Fariba soulfully endeavours to raise awareness on.

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