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  • Dec 26, 2023

Poisoning of Schools

Starting from the 30th November 2022, the Iranian government initiated some of its most despicable attacks on civilians to this day - namely the poisoning of schoolchildren. The schools targeted were specifically those which had seen protest and disobedience amongst their students as a means of supporting the Woman, Life, Freedom movement, and ending the bloodthirsty theocracy in Iran.

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This issue was debated in the House of Lords in March of 2023 (transcript: However, Azadi Network took this a step further. We urged Parliamentarians to encourage the UK to pressure the UN into an investigation of such a crime of humanity in a follow-up letter. Our composition of this letter was supplemented by the testimonies of schoolchildren in Iran, whom we had contacted ourselves so as to ensure the maximal accuracy of our report on the situation. We also created a timeline of the poisonings so as to continue to raise awareness amongst the public - especially as a counter to the Iranian government’s efforts to silence the media.


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