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  • Jun 21, 2023

Our Story is One: Solidarity with Women in Iran, Baha'i Community

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On 18 June 1983 — 40 years ago this month — 10 Baháʼí women were taken to a square in Shiraz, Iran, under the cloak of night. After months of torture and imprisonment, they were mass executed without the knowledge of their families. One was 17, most in their 20s. They were hanged one by one, each forced to watch the next woman’s death in a harrowing attempt to coerce them into renouncing their faith. None did. 

Four decades later, The Baha'i International Community launched a global campaign, called #OurStoryIsOne, to honour the executed women and the long struggle for equality lived by women of all faiths in Iran for more than four decades which continues to this day. The campaign aims to demonstrate that despite the Iranian government's efforts to sow discord and hate between groups, our story is a shared one. 

In the launch of this campaign Azadi Network’s founder, Negin Shiraghaei gave a speech. You can watch it here.


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