Who We Are

AZADI NETWORK is a non-partisan consortium of passionate Iranians in the diaspora. United by a common goal, we're committed to amplifying the “Woman, Life, Freedom” and the rights of groups that are marginalised based on their religion, ethnicity, gender and similar, and giving voice to the diverse Iranian community worldwide. Based in the UK, our heart lies in championing the diverse British-Iranian community and constituency.

Our Beliefs and Vision

We are a spirited group of volunteers who staunchly believe in the grassroots approach to leadership and organisation. We uphold the values of Women, Life, and Freedom. By empowering emerging leaders within our community, we aim to champion the voices of those who have historically been ignored, oppressed, or discriminated against.

Through forging alliances with active organisations, groups, and individuals, we not only amplify the diverse demands of the Iranian diaspora but also pave the way for their engagement with key decision-makers.

At our core, we have a versatile methodology that draws from various techniques, notably including the Marshall Ganz methods. We're proud that our approach can be adapted and duplicated for other communities and regions. We wholeheartedly encourage others to join us and learn more about how they can make a difference.

What we do

Our wide-ranging network of expertise enables us to provide consulting and conduct advocacy on a variety of subjects relating to Iran.

Information Access

We diligently work to provide factual, current information on Iran. This is facilitated through meetings, talks, and various written communications.

Alliance Building

Building strong partnerships with various organisations and groups is at the core of our efforts. We aim to reflect the multifaceted demands of the Iranian society by bridging connections between these entities.

Advisory Group

Our network is strengthened by an Advisory Group that offers invaluable representation, experience, and expertise. Their insights enrich the communication we share and the final products we release.


AZADI NETWORK’s advocates are always on the front lines, briefing interested parties about the evolving situation in Iran. We ensure that these communications resonate with the aspirations and demands of the Iranian diaspora.
For more information, see our campaigns .

Our advocacy content

For security reasons related to activism in Iran, full access to our content is provided upon direct request and is not published publicly on our website. Please reach out to learn more: info(at)azadi.network



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