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  • Dec 10, 2023

Force displacement of Bahai community in northern Iran

Police Force attacked the village of Ahmadabad in Sari and forcefully destroyed agricultural lands and houses of the Bahai community. 

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According to the published news, on the 10th December 2023, about 200 agents of the Ministry of Information, Natural Resources, and Police Force attacked the village of Ahmadabad in Sari. Here, most of the residents are Baha’is - the largest religious minority group in Iran (with approximately 300,000 Baha’is currently living in Iran), whose lives have been tormented by the Islamic government’s ceaseless persecution, resulting from a legal denial of their faith. 


One day after this attack, and the closing of all entrances and exits of the village, agents confiscated "nearly 40 hectares" of agricultural land for the economic and administrative benefit of the Islamic Republic. Yet, such intentions were masked utilising the rhetoric of religious righteousness. It is crucial to note that these are lands on which Baha'i villagers have been farming for 75 years. Thus, their confiscation has essentially deprived Ahmadabad’s Baha’i inhabitants of their livelihoods and generational assets.


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