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  • Feb 22, 2024

Transnational anti-gender politics and resistance

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Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Location: In-person (LSE), and online.

'As 'anti-gender' movements become more prominent globally, we ask Judith Butler and feminist activist Tooba Syed to share histories and forms of resistance.

What might feminist, queer and decolonial forms of resistance teach us about diverse forms of 'anti-gender' backlash? How can we generate political solidarity to counter 'anti-gender' mobilisations across different contexts? Our keynote speakers will reflect on political, epistemic and ethical interventions and open up for discussion with the audience.'*5xoqqy*_ga*MjEyMTA1NjUzMS4xNzA3NTU3Njcz*_ga_LWTEVFESYX*MTcwNzU1NzY3Mi4xLjEuMTcwNzU1OTcwNC42MC4wLjA.

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